Have You Read It Yet?

There are times when the definition of coincidence is, “You weren’t paying attention to the other half of what was going on.”

Whether you’ve always believed that there had to be more “out there” than you could see, hear, or touch; or, you’ve just “woken up” to the Unseen, welcome to your guided tour of the metaphysical-the “woo-woo stuff.”

This is New Age and Pagan thought as you’ve never seen it presented before: a practical, down-to-earth, no-nonsense manner of thinking, moving energies, and living metaphysically that doesn’t insist that it’s “The Truth.”

“This isn’t a roadmap to Enlightenment-it’s a travelogue. Get out there, have your own experiences, and make up your own damned mind… I’m not arrogant enough-convinced enough of the universality of my truths-to claim I’m able to lead people to enlightenment, or nirvana, or even Taco Bell.”

A wry blend of insight, personal experience, and the occasional flash of wisdom, this is the book to read if you’re Ready for the Woo-Woo Stuff.


Karma: Oh, Lord, please don’t let me be misunderstood

I was talking online this morning with someone who has experienced a recent setback, and the talk turned to karma.

Now, karma is an incredibly intricate and layered process. I don’t know anyone, including me, who fully understands its workings. With that said, though, I think there are a few misunderstandings that we can (hopefully) clear up.

Those misunderstandings are summed up by this idea: that if something bad, however you define it, happens to a person in this life, the person must have done something in a past life to “deserve” it.

Karma can and does come from our actions and experiences in past lives, but it’s still being created in this one. Sometimes, that’s at least in part due to past karma influencing how we treat others, or are treated by them. The fact of the matter is, though, that we still have a large number of, shall we say, “unenlightened” people on the planet, and those people can and do use and abuse others in horrific ways without any major karmic influences.

That does not mean that the people being used and abused did something in a past life to “deserve” it. Karma’s not about punishment; it’s about experiencing and learning from those experiences.

The universe has a tendency to keep throwing things in your face that represent issues you need to address and work through: trust and betrayal, survival and prosperity, mundane versus metaphysical awareness, anger and forgiveness, victim versus victimizer, and the list goes on. Quite often, the universe takes the “School of Hard Knocks” approach: it raps politely on your door and says, “Here I am!”

“Go away,” you reply. “I don’t want to deal with you.”

“Okay, but I’ll be back.”

Sometime later, the universe pounds on your door. “Let me in! We need to talk.”

“Beat it!” you scream, “I’m not dealing with you!”

There’s a long silence before the universe responds, “I’ll go, but you’re going to regret this.”

And the next time, the universe kicks your door down.

So, what happens in this life may be the direct result of something we did or didn’t do, in one or more past lives. However, the extent to which it impacts us is likely the result of our not dealing with it during earlier opportunities in this life.

And in no case did we have to do something to deserve it, because karma doesn’t work that way. It’s here to help us learn the truth–about ourselves, our Selves, and this fiction of a universe in which we live.

All in a Good Cause, Methinks

I haven’t posted much here recently because my efforts have been focused on something else–a follow-up to Ready for the Woo-Woo Stuff? A Down-to-Earth Look at the Metaphysical.

The new book is Ready for MORE Woo-Woo Stuff? A Guide for the Mid-Level Practitioner. Where the first work was designed for people with little to no experience in things metaphysical, MORE Woo-Woo Stuff is geared toward practitioners with somewhere between three and ten years’ experience in this wild and wacky carnival. Of course, that’s a rather arbitrary range, but the book includes a self-assessment to help define “mid-level” and whether the reader wants to include himself or herself in that category.

I suspect that MORE Woo-Woo Stuff will be available by August of this year; in the meantime, here’s a quick look at the contents:

Prologue You Are Here: Self-Assessment
Chapter 1 This Time, It’s All About You
Chapter 2 Catching a Buzz: Raising Your Vibrational Level
Chapter 3 Please Report to the Guidance Office
Chapter 4 Buy the Gods! Working with Deity
Chapter 5 Higher Voltage: Stepping Up Your Energy Work
Chapter 6 A Sharper Focus: Refining Your Intuition
Chapter 7 Discernment, Datscernment: Knowing When to Shut Up
Chapter 8 Hip-Synching: Dancing with Others
Chapter 9 Write if You Get Work: Taking It to the Streets
Chapter 10 Special Forces: Dealing with the Dark Side
Chapter 11 “Pay Close Attention to that Man Behind the
Epilogue Be Careful Out There

Thanks for reading. I’ll let you know when there’s a more definite release date.

Hey. Thanks.

Book cover I really appreciate the folks who braved the increasingly nasty Indianapolis weather to attend the book signing at All My Relations this afternoon. My sense is that our free-ranging discussion was useful to almost everyone, and I hope to have the chance to talk with you again.

I’d also like to thank the extremely gracious staff at All My Relations for hosting the event and making everything and everyone so comfortable.

There’s a good deal of wisdom here…

…for the person whose intuitive abilities have recently come “on line,” so to speak. It’s also a good reminder for those of us who have been “doing” this stuff for a while.



A Message From The Creator

Just a Reminder: Saturday, January 18th

outside_store_pic I’ll be doing a one-hour (or so) talk on things metaphysical at All My Relations, 7218 Rockville Road in Indianapolis, starting around 1PM. After that, I’ll hang around for a few hours to sign books, engage in discussions, maybe answer a question or two, and otherwise be generally annoying.

All My Relations is a fabulous 10,000 square foot metaphysical and pagan center. It’s really, really, drool-worthy and run by really nice people, so I’d encourage you to drop by for whatever reason. If you’d like a preview of what they offer, go to http://allmyrelationsindy.com/ and have a look around.

Hope to see you there!

Club Med(itation)

If you’re going to make a New Year’s resolution, you might consider developing or maintaining a meditation practice. The following is an excerpt from Chapter 16 of “Ready for the Woo-Woo Stuff? A Down-to-Earth Look at the Metaphysical.”

In my experience, meditation is usually the very first metaphysical practice to be affected by life’s stressors, or by disillusionment with the woo-woo stuff. This arguably blows chunks, because meditation is an excellent means of dealing with stress. However, when your schedule becomes so crammed that you scarcely have time to breathe; when the police are at the door for the third time in two weeks because your kid’s in trouble again; or when you just got the call that a relative is gravely ill, sitting down to meditate for twenty or thirty minutes can seem ludicrous at best and horribly selfish at worst.

I haven’t delved deeply into the various aspects of meditation thus far, but one certainly bears mentioning, even though it may seem absurd at first glance: Meditation helps you avoid becoming too personally involved in your own life.

“Bull!” you cry, or something less printable. “Whose life should I be personally involved with if not my own?”

That’s a reasonable position, but it’s based on a false premise: That this is the only life you’ll have and what happens on the Physical plane is the most important thing. But, as I pointed out earlier, at our core we’re Divine, and immortal. This Physical plane is constantly calling us to buy into the Big Lie, to delude ourselves into believing that we’re human when in fact our true nature is spiritual.

Your mundane life is important: Bills have to be paid, relationships managed, kids raised, food put on the table, and jobs held. However, you’ve done all this many, many times before and will likely do it again, and again. The same is true for relationships, whether friends, family, or the love of this life; however, that fact in no way suggests that you shouldn’t value, cherish, and protect your relationships. Love is a powerful force in the metaphysical realms as well as in the mundane world.

From my perspective, we need to maintain, grow, and learn in both realms, and meditation helps tremendously with that.

Meditation is one of the keys to taking a step back from the Big Lie and realizing the Truth about ourselves; you learn to calm yourself, to avoid overreacting to and obsessing about things that you can’t do squat about, and to keep your eye on the bigger picture, all while still functioning in the mundane world. Meditation also helps you connect with your Higher Selves, your guides, and various Management types. According to many people, it’s the foremost tool for getting off this planet and not coming back. And from a long perspective, in the end you’re living a physical life for one reason and one reason only—so that eventually you can leave physical existence entirely to take up residence somewhere better.

Meditation does all that for us, and it’s usually the first practice to dwindle, leaving us inundated by the infinite distractions, pleasures, and traumas of life on Earth. Without the buffer that meditation provides, your other woo-woo practices can also fall by the wayside as life proceeds to overwhelm everything else.

So keep to your meditation practice if you can, even if all you can manage is five or ten minutes every other day or even twice a week. If you don’t let go of it completely, you’ll continue to reap some of the rewards, and re-establishing a deeper practice when you’re ready will be much easier.

The Wisdom of Frank Sinatra

do be do be do

The New Year is coming, and I’d like to urge you to forget about making resolutions–instead, decide on a theme for the upcoming year.

Why choose a theme over a resolution? Resolving to “do” something is an important and necessary commitment, but an ego-driven resolution locks you into ego-driven goals and methods to reach those goals.

For instance, perhaps you want to improve an important relationship, make that your resolution. Your ego tells you to read books or take classes on relationships. That’s well and good, but very limited–that’s the “doing” part–but what about the “being” part? If you wish to make a permanent change, you have to embody that change. In the example above, how do you put that knowledge into action, not only in that relationship but in others as well?

On the other hand, adopting a theme–a general statement of purpose that leads to growth or improvement–can keep you from being too narrowly focused on a single objective and opens you to considering methods that you might otherwise have rejected. It also opens the door to your Higher Self, your guides, or even the Creator to lend guidance, reassurance, or even a swift kick in the ass if needed.

If, instead of resolving to improve a single relationship, you adopt a theme of “Being loving,” then not only will that particular relationship benefit but your other relationships as well. And, Management will have more latitude to send people and situations your way that can help you learn to be loving toward others and toward yourself.

So, yes, “Do” in 2014, but also make sure to “Be.” The end result might be different than what you would envision in a New Year’s resolution, but it will almost certainly be of greater value to you and others.

The Nature of Evil: A Reply


Our good friend and sometimes student Joey Weigant (AKA, Weeg) posted a thoughtful article, “The Nature of Evil,” on his excellent blog, “On Metaphysics: The World Beyond Our World.” You’ll find the article here.

Weeg posed a number of insightful questions in his article—is there some separate, external force that inspires evil? Are our own ego needs at the root of human evil? Or does evil not exist in and of itself, but is merely the name we give to people acting in harmful ways? These are paraphrases, but I think they capture the essence of his discussion.

He concludes, “Serial killers, Politicians, in-laws; they all seem evil. Are they evil? Are they only looking out for themselves? Furthermore, is looking out for yourself evil by definition? I don’t dare try to provide an answer to these questions. I don’t have the Capital-T Truth on this one. I can only provoke thought. You must come to your own conclusions.”

A recurring theme in this blog is that no one has a lock on The Truth, including me; with that said, I’d like to add some thoughts to Weeg’s discussion.

Rather than philosophize, let me share some experiences with you. As to the first issue—whether there’s some separate, external force that inspires evil—my wife, Neva, and I (and Weeg) have run across strong, persistent entities that had taken up residence, if you will, within their human hosts. In one case, the entity had infested (for lack of a better term) and strongly and negatively impacted the person for 13 years. In other cases, the infestation was far more recent. In all cases, the entities displayed self-initiative and at least some recognizable ability to think.

Now—were these entities something spawned by human beings? Our experiences suggest that they were not, as on numerous occasions the beasties were removed using some of the same phrasing (in Latin) that the Catholic Church has used for centuries to banish demons. I prefer Latin for the hard cases, as it’s my belief that there’s considerable energy invested in the Church’s ritual, making it almost a thought form, if you will.

I should point out that none of the “victims” were aware of the infestation; and in many cases, they didn’t know what would be done to remove it. As they trusted us, they simply gave consent when we told them that we would like to do something to help them. And several times, when we were done, the people asked, “What was that?” In another case, the entity was bound and rendered harmless from a distance of 300 miles without the person’s knowledge; this is a very close friend of ours. Within 36 hours he was back to his “old” self, laughing, joking, and sleeping well. We finished removing the entity when next we saw him.

While not a definitive answer to the question, these experiences strongly suggest that there are discrete entities that can and do affect human beings—an external source of evil. How strongly evil manifests due to infestation is variable, based on the infested individual and one other factor.

Just as the Catholic rite of exorcism has become invested with considerable energy through use, belief, and faith, places likewise become invested (or infested) with energy. The term “places” includes homes and buildings, of course, but can also include towns, cities, and entire regions. Generally speaking, this type of negative energy is the result of human action and emotion—violence, anger, hatred, jealousy, envy, grief, despair, resentment, and so on. As these emotions tend to be “food” for the sorts of entities described above, it becomes something of chicken-and-egg question as to whether the entities influenced the humans, or whether the humans attracted the entities.

Regardless, once a structure or an area is infested with this type of negativity, the humans suffer. Robert Heinlein, the science fiction author, once wrote that evil consists of treating another human being like a thing. That’s what tends to happen, to varying degrees, to people who are exposed to this type of place-based negative energy over time. In susceptible individuals, exposure brings out the worst in them, and they begin to treat other people as things for their personal use, gratification, and amusement. It’s also possible that such people attract entities that infest them and that are richly fed by the negative emotions.

It is possible to clear an infested structure through “house blessings,” smudging, and other methods. It’s also possible to clear an infested region, but it takes considerably advanced chops and someone, or a group, willing to undertake the extremely difficult and exhausting task.

To sum up: from my perspective, evil has both extrinsic and intrinsic causes that can and do become so intertwined that it’s really difficult to separate them. Evil has been part of the human condition since time immemorial, if the stories from ancient civilizations are to be believed, and I don’t find that surprising. As I’ve written elsewhere, we’re on this planet to experience everything—good, bad, and indifferent. Evil, then, is a force for spiritual growth. With that said, I don’t believe that we need as much evil as seems to be manifest on the planet right now, and Neva, Weeg, and I stand against it when we can.


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